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Sharing 100% compatible playlists is now a must-have on socials

Robin Riccitiello,
Head of Konbini Radio,


Share your playlist on socials.

When you convert a first playlist with Soundsgood, click VIEW PLAYLIST to land on your playlist public link. 

Click SHARE at the top and select sharing options:

For Instagram, just copy the direct link and paste it in your bio (or story if you have a certified account). We are currently discussing with Instagram for a way to share links in Stories even if you are not certified.


How does it look in Instagram?

If you have a certified account on Instagram, you can just create a story and link it to the Soundsgood public page link that will appear full-screen in the Instagram browser.


If you do not have the URL link feature, just link your playlist in your bio and create Stories and Posts as usual.

[Edit: Soundsgood is currently discussing with Instagram teams to allow direct links to playlist in stories for regular Instagram users.]

How does it look in Facebook?

On Facebook, Soundsgood will automatically create a clickable preview of your playlist using your playlist covert art and description:

  • The streaming icons on the right help your fans understand they can all stream your playlist no matter what streaming service they use.
  • The absence of text on the image allows your post to be used in Facebook Ads.

How does it look in Twitter?

On Twitter, Soundsgood creates a Twitter audio card that can be streamed directly from the Twitter feed on desktops.

On smartphones, it turns into a link card just like on Facebook. 

I have update my playlist artwork but it is not updated in Facebook.

To optimize loading time, Facebook saves your playlist artwork when you first share it there.

If you update your playlist cover art on Soundsgood, you can paste the playlist link in a special tool developed by Facebook to “refresh” your link metadata.

  • Head to Facebook Url Debugger
  • Paste your Soundsgood playlist link
  • Click Debug
  • A Facebook link preview appears
  • Click Fetch again until you see the new covert art.

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