Product Update

New playlist converter & more features and fixes.

Thursday, Sep 5, 2019

A Brand New Playlist Converter for Music Tastemakers 🔗🎧🎵

Welcome to this new Soundsgood update!

New Playlist Converter

We’ve drastically improved how you can convert and update playlists for your audience scattered across Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, Napster, Qobuz & more.

What’s better? Let’s drop a few:

  • Clear overview | Review and edit your convert settings in one glance. Will it create a new playlist across all your profiles ? Update an existing one ? Do nothing ? Everything’s there!
  • Smart reminders | A new icon is highlighted when you have changed your playlist on Soundsgood but not synced it yet across your streaming profiles.
  • Convert all vs. single platform | You can still convert / update your playlists everywhere with a single button, or choose to convert only to one streaming service if you want to fix something for instance.
  • Smartphone ready | Convert playlists on the go! A new step towards 100% responsiveness (we still have some parts of the app still desktop-only). 
  • Guest Mode | Activate the Guest Mode on streaming services you don’t want to create profiles on. Soundsgood will host your playlist for free. 
  • Hide / Show Services | Select “Do no convert” to hide the streaming services you do not want to show on Soundsgood Players & Smart Links. 
  • Easy Reconnect | An easier way to reconnect your streaming profiles when their authorizations to Soundsgood expire.
  • Apple Music delights | Every playlist curator has learned that Apple Music is as much indispensable as it is troublesome when it comes to syncing playlists. We’ve added clear guidelines and tutorials to react accordingly when Apple messes up. 
  • Easier setup for professionals | Say goodbye to Playlist IDs when linking Soundsgood to a playlist that already lives across streaming services, you can now link existing playlists via a simple selector.

Edit Channel (the comeback!)

You can now edit your Soundsgood channel with a new dedicated interface. 

Change your channel name, URL, covert art, and official links. Create new channels with the same login. Collaborate with your fellow playlist curators on the channels you want. 

Happy playlisting! 😊🚀

Have feature request?

Awesome! Please let us know on our Community pages.

We are thinking about switching from our Facebook Group to this new Soundsgood Subreddit to capture everyone’s ideas and votes. Suggestions?



🔥  Added new playlist converter
🔥  Added new channel editor
🔥  Added “Get Embed Code” on SmartLink Share Modal
🔥  Added “Smart Link vs. Player” switcher on SmartLink Share Modal
🔥  Added advanced tracking on Smart Links

🧰 Fixed some reported issues on Smart Players
🧰 Fixed issues due to SoundCloud timeouts when matching tracks
🧰 Fixed issues due to Apple Music quotas when matching tracks
🧰 Fixed Spotify and Apple Music playlist conversion in Guest Mode
🧰 Fixed SoundCloud conversion issues
🔼 Optimized playlist import to avoid playlist duplicates when clicking fast
🔼 Smart players now skip tracks that are loading indefinitely
🔼 Optimized Apple Music app launch when using Facebook Android
🔼 Smart Links background appear more elegantly with a fade animation on load
🔼 Allow importing Spotify playlists with unavailable tracks
🔼 Optimized Soundsgood app loading time

In Progress

🔥  Support Spanish Language everywhere (already supported on Players)
🔥  Allow playlist-sharing right from the new Converter Menu
🔥 Relaunch “Delete playlist” button in the new Playlist Converter
🔥 Relaunch “Direct links” settings in the new Playlist Converter
🔥 Relaunch Premium settings in the new Playlist Converter
🧰  More stability fixes on the Soundsgood Smart Players
🔼 More navigation optimizations on smartphones
🔼 Additional Apple Music helpers and mini-tutorials


🔥  Submit to playlist widget
🔥  Browse community playlists via cool filters and categories
🔥 Design improvements on playlists, channels, etc.
🔥  Share tracks and albums
🔥  Share to Instagram Story
🔥  Advanced Stats
🔥  Playlist Trade (Artists, visibility, etc.)






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