Smart Link update.

New Playlist Smart Links and more optimizations and fixes.


Tuesday, Aug 6, 2019

Introducing Smart Links for Playlist Curators 🔗🎧🎵

Welcome to this new Soundsgood update! This week, we’ve added a brand new way for you to share playlists featuring Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, Napster, Qobuz & more.

Introducing… Smart Links for playlist curators!

Smart Wut?

When browsing your playlists, click the new “OPEN” button to access your playlist Smart Link, ready to share on socials, newsletters, on-air, etc.

Your fans will land on an immersive page ft. all streaming services where your playlist is available at. They chose. Their music app opens. Music plays. That’s it!

Optimized for playlist curators

Over the last few years, Smart Links have become a standard to share music online, but where often designed with an artist-centric approach, for when they announce new tracks / albums. 

We’ve designed our Smart Links with you, playlist curators, in mind! Your playlist brand name and logo have an exposed spot at the top, and can be clicked to browse all you other playlists and official links.

We also wanted to avoid extra steps to set everything up. Your Smart Links are automatically generated whenever you create/update playlists with Soundsgood. It’s all there, at any time! 

Smart Links vs. Smart Players

Smart Links come in addition to our existing Smart Players on which your fans can directly stream music with their platform of choice.

Smart Links are good to:
Quickly redirect listeners to their music apps
Showcase all your streaming options in one glance

Smart Players are good to:
👌 Retain listeners on your website
👌 Share playlists whose tracks are not available across all streaming services (the Smart Player will automatically switch from one source to another when necessary). 
👌 Offer a more immersive listening experience

Have feature request?

Awesome! Please let us know on our Community pages.

We are thinking about switching from our Facebook Group to this new Soundsgood Subreddit to capture everyone’s ideas and votes. Suggestions?



🔥  Added new playlist smart links
🔥  New Help Center

🧰 Fixed broken SoundCloud Sync
🧰 Fixed broken Spotify Sync when using Soundsgood guest profile
🧰 Fixed some errors when importing playlists

🔼 Optimized Search/Matching quotas for Apple Music, SoundCloud & Deezer

In Progress

🔥  Revamped experience to convert and sync playlists
🔥  New section to edit channel name, artwork, links, etc.
🧰  Stability fixes on the Soundsgood Smart Players


🔥  Share tracks and albums
🔥  Share to Instagram Story
🔥  Advanced Stats
🔥  Playlist Trade (Artists, visibility, etc.)
🔥  Submit to playlist widget






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