What visibility does Soundsgood offer to my playlists? 📻

In addition to providing you with a shareable playlist link for your website and socials, Soundsgood also offers some visibility to your playlists. 


In Google Search

When published with Soundsgood, your playlists get their own Soundsgood public page that get regularly checked by Google. Your Soundsgood channel (listing all your Soundsgood playlists) also get some visibility in Google.


On Soundsgood Playlist Finder

All your playlists also get some visibility on our in-house playlist finder that listeners and tastemakers like to use to find fresh playlists and playlist ideas. 

People can find your playlists directly from the built-in search engine, or from the main feed featuring the last updated playlists. Consider updating your playlists from time to time to appear on top of the results.


To streaming services editorial teams

Soundsgood can also feature your playlists on the official Playlist Reporting used by streaming services editorial teams. Spotify and Apple Music usually feature their own playlists on their homepage and socials, but we regularly get your playlists on Napster, Qobuz, and other streaming services like this.






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