How to share playlist on Instagram? 📸✨

If you manage a verified account or if you have a business profile with over 10,000 followers, you can access the “Insert link” feature.

Click the chain icon at the top of your Story Editor. Insert your Soundsgood playlist URL, and voilà — the playlist will be natively embedded in your Instagram Story. No more “link in bio” — amazing, right?

PRO TIP: You can also insert links in Instagram Sponsored Stories. 

Make sure your Story clearly states that people should swipe up to enjoy the playlist. An up arrow or a “Swipe up” call to action should do the trick!


How to share playlists in Instagram Posts & Bio?

If you are not (yet) a the top of the “Insta Game”, we got you covered! Just add your Soundsgood playlist link in your Bio and create stunning posts and stories as usual.

Your Instagram followers clicking on your Bio will land on a 100% responsive optimized Soundsgood player to enjoy your playlist on the go.

You can also insert a short-link in your post caption. You can get a shortlink by clicking SHARE on your Soundsgood playlist page, or customize yours on services such as






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