Set up Soundsgood to update existing playlists instead of creating duplicates. 👍

Before converting playlists, you can select if Soundsgood should:

  • Create a new playlist on your streaming profiles
  • Update an existing playlist on these profiles
  • Publish it on a guest account (aka. Soundsgood)


Where can I choose?

In the Playlist Editor, head to the Publishing section.

At the right side of the relevant streaming service, expand the conversion settings with the small DOWN arrow at the very right.

  • To create a new playlist, leave the playlist ID empty and click SAVE
  • To update an existing playlist, fill the playlist ID and click SAVE
  • To publish on a guest account, keep the toggle OFF and click SYNC at the top.


How to find my playlist ID?

Most of the time, the playlist ID can be found in your playlist URL.

Here are examples in bold for each streaming service:





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