My playlist does not sync? ⚠️💥

If your playlist does not convert / sync, head to your playlist in EDIT mode and check the error message over the red triangle.

Here are some of the most frequent use cases:


YouTube / Apple Music exceeded quotas

Based on your activity and account history, YouTube and Apple Music have daily quota limitations when it comes to creating and updating playlists via converters such as Soundsgood.

NOTE | We are currently working on a new system to optimize these limitations.

 Your best solution is to come back later and try again.


Apple Music authorization expired

At some point, you’ve authorized Soundsgood to create / update playlists on your streaming profiles.

These authorizations last for months for all streaming services, but expire more quickly for Apple Music. They should last for at least 2 weeks, but we’ve seen some expire after just two days. 

When this is happening, you just have to disconnect Apple Music from Soundsgood, then re-connect it to Soundsgood, and everything should run just fine!


Too many tracks for Deezer

Deezer only allow converted playlists under 150 tracks (even if this limit varies depending on each user). If you have a bigger playlist, it will probably not sync with Deezer. 







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