How to feature playlist on artist profile? 👨‍🎤

As an artist, you can pin your playlists onto your official Artist Profile within Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and so on.

You will need to publish your playlist on a regular streaming account, then claim your Artist Profile to be able to feature this playlist. 


On Spotify

Head to Spotify for Artists to claim your Artist Profile, then select the playlist you want to feature. All playlist updates from Soundsgood will be mirrored on your Spotify artist profile!


On Apple Music

Head to Apple Music for Artists to claim your Artist Profile. When accepted, open iTunes and go to the LIBRARY tab. On the left panel you will see two folders:

  1. Managed Playlists: where you can find your Official Playlists
  2. Music Playlists: where you can find your regular playlists

Since Apple Music only allows to convert regular playlists, you will have to drag and drop all the newly converted tracks onto your Official Playlist at each update.

Note. It is still faster than having to add tracks one by one.

On Deezer

Deezer does not have a back-office for artists. To feature your Deezer playlist onto your Artist Profile you must ask them directly. Your record label or distributor might also be able to help. 

All playlists updates from Soundsgood will be mirrored on your Deezer artist profile.






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