How to convert my first playlist? 🎼

You want to convert your playlist? Nothing easier!

  • Log in on Soundsgood.
  • Click Import to select the playlist you want to convert
  • (or New playlist to create one from scratch).

When the import is complete:

  • Click Publish
  • Select the streaming platform where you want to convert your playlist
  • Follow the steps to connect your streaming profile
  • Your playlist is now converted!

Happy playlisting ✌️

⁠— To go further:

  • In the Soundsgood tracklist, you can review missing tracks before conversion.
  • If you have no profile on a specific streaming service, just click “Guest playlist” it will create and host the playlist on a Soundsgood guest profile
  • If you encounter issues with Apple Music, check this guide.
  • Activate Auto Sync from any source playlist
    Note: The “Auto Sync” allows you to update your playlist directly via your favorite streaming platform. Soundsgood will check once a day if you have changed your playlist there, and sync changes across all other streaming platforms.
  • Soundsgood also offers a shareable link for your website and social networks featuring all available streaming options. Convert across all streaming platforms to reach the maximum audience.







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