Can’t open Apple Music on the widget.

Apple Music cannot be selected on your Soundsgood playlist widget? You are in the right place! So, let’s start!


Why is it disabled?

On smartphones, listeners prefer to open music apps rather than streaming directly from the Soundsgood widget. But in order to open the Apple Music app, Soundsgood need to know what URL to open on Apple Music.


 How to activate Apple Music then?

Make sure you’ve successfully published your playlist on Apple Music via Soundsgood, then, follow these extra steps:

  1. Open Apple Music / iTunes
  2. Locate the playlist (under My playlists in the app, and at the bottom left of your Library tab in iTunes). 
  3. Check “Publish on Profile and in Search” in the playlist settings
  4. Go back to Soundsgood and click SYNC

Soundsgood will automatically retrieve the playlist URL and inject it into your playlist widget.

    That’s it!






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