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Every Friday, I can sync my playlist updates across all our Topsify profiles

Richard Thane,
Playlist curator at Topsify UK
Founder The Line Of Best Fit


Sync your first playlist.

The best way to start sharing playlists efficiently is to ensure anyone can stream them no matter what streaming service they use.

  1. Click or tap the ‘New playlist’ or ‘Import playlist’ button.
  2. Add tracks to your playlist and upload a cover picture.
  3. Select the streaming services that your listeners might be on.

Hit ‘Publish’. That’s it 🙂

Your playlist is now converted everywhere. And you can update them in one click from your Soundsgood Playlist Editor.



As of today:


Convert playlists Playlist updates Artwork
✔ Spotify ✔  ✔ auto
✔ Apple Music ✔ Only adds new tracks at the bottom.
No track re-orders & removals.
✔ YouTube ✔  manual
✔ Deezer ✔  ✔ auto
✔ SoundCloud manual
✔ Napster ✔  manual
✔ Qobuz manual
✘ Amazon Music Do not have the required technology.
✘ Google Play Music Do not have the required technology.

What streaming services are supported?

To make playlisting easier for everyone, Soundsgood interconnects each streaming service into a single agnostic Playlist Editor.

As of today, here are the supported streaming services:


Convert playlist Update playlist Artwork
✔ Spotify ✔ 

✔ auto

✔ Apple Music ✔ Only adds new tracks at the bottom.
No track re-orders & removals.
✔ YouTube ✔  manual
✔ Deezer ✔  ✔ auto
✔ SoundCloud manual
✔ Napster ✔  manual
✔ Qobuz manual
✘ Amazon Music Do not have the required technology.
✘ Google Play Music Do not have the required technology.

The Apple Music conundrum! 💥

Your playlists MUST be available to Apple Music listeners, no doubt about that! But since the Apple Music technology is quite obsolete (compared to Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, etc.) you have to chose between hosting the playlist:

 (A) on Soundsgood official Apple Music profile for a seamless experience,

 (B) on your own Apple Music profile with manual tasks at each playlist update. 



+ Your playlist updates are always clean without any manual work. 
+ No need to pay for an Apple Music Premium account


– Playlist does not appear on your Apple Music profile
– In Apple Music, playlist link changes at each update.


 When editing your playlist in Soundsgood:

  • Keep the Apple Music switch to OFF
  • Soundsgood will host and update your playlist on its official Apple Music account
  • That’s it


+ Playlist is listed on your Apple Music profile
+ Playlist link remains the same at each update (good for followers)
+ A good way to work on your patience when Apple Music in unstable


– Only works for Apple Music paid-users
– Some manual work when you first convert your playlist
– A lot of manual work at each update
– Even more manual work if you are an “Official Artist” or an “Official Curator”


When editing your playlist in Soundsgood:

  • Switch Apple Music to ON
  • Connect your official Apple Music profile (must be a paid one).
  • Don’t forget to perform the following manual tasks:

1. Manually empty your Apple Music tracklist before any update

 You can convert a playlist easily (when their systems are not down), but playlist updates do not allow track removals and track re-orders.

 As a result, it is recommended emptying your Apple Music tracklist before each update from Soundsgood. This way, your tracklist will remain consistent with the one on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and so on.

 2. Manually paste the Apple Music playlist link in Soundsgood player

When Soundsgood creates/updates a playlist on your Apple Music profile, Apple Music does not automatically share the playlist URL link with Soundsgood, as a result, you should manually paste the Apple Music link into the Soundsgood player to make sure your listeners can access it.

To do so, click ‘copy link’ in Apple Music, and paste it in the Soundsgood playlist editor in the ‘Apple Music direct link’ field hidden behind ‘advanced’.

3. Reconnect Apple Music to Soundsgood whenever you get an error

Another perk of Apple Music is that your Apple Music Connect on Soundsgood will expire after a few days, sometimes weeks.

Whenever Soundsgood displays an error with Apple Music, click the Apple Music settings, disconnect Apple Music and re-connect it. Then try syncing your playlist update again. Most of the time it fixes it!

I'm an Artist, any specifics?

As an artist, you might have official profiles within streaming services. Here is how to sync official Artist playlists with Soundsgood.

On Spotify, just make sure you connect the Spotify account associated with the “personal” user hosting the playlist (there is always one). Then head to “Spotify for Artists” and select the playlist you want to feature. At this point, everything will run smoothly both for your listeners and for any playlist update.

On Apple Music, things get complicated, Apple Music only allows playlist sync for regular Apple Music users. From Soundsgood you can sync a local playlist in your iTunes “My library” tab. Then, drag and drop the tracks onto your official Apple Music playlist. You would have to drag and drop the tracks at each update.

On Deezer, reach out to your record label, distributor, or directly to your local Deezer contact to feature the playlist you want onto your Deezer Artist profile. Technically, the playlist will be still hosted on your “personal” Deezer account, but will be featured onto your Artist profile.

Are all my tracks converted?

Whenever you create or import a playlist, Soundsgood automatically finds your tracks across each streaming service. Some services search technologies are not always very efficient and it might end up with some tracks not being found on these platforms.

If having 100% of your tracks matched everywhere matters to you, you can easily review the missing matches from your Soundsgood playlist editor and click (+) to review potential matches. Don’t forget to hit ‘Sync’ when you are done to sync the update across all streaming services.


Automatically keep your updates in sync with AUTO-SYNC

If you are used to update your playlists directly via Spotify or any other music app, don’t worry. You can activate ‘Auto sync’, select a source, and Soundsgood will check twice a day if there are new tracks available that should be sync-ed across all your other streaming profiles. 

For the radios, in-store radios, and geeks out there, you can also select ‘Auto-sync from JSON’ to update a playlist automatically from your broadcast. Contact us for more information.


What is the best size for my playlist artwork?

When you create a playlist, Soundsgood will ask for a playlist artwork from which you have to chose to “crop zones”:

  • A 16:9 crop for the playlist page and social networks
  • A square crop for the streaming services and some widget sizes

For a better result, upload a big image rather than a small one that will look pixellated. Don’t worry about the exact size and weight, Soundsgood will automatically optimize it!

My playlists are already converted everywhere, how to avoid duplicates?

When you convert a playlist with Soundsgood, you can select between creating a new playlist within each streaming service, or update an existing one if it was already converted.

In the Playlist Editor, head to the Publishing section. At the right side of the relevant streaming service, click “Create new playlist” to expand the conversion settings. If you paste a playlist ID here, it will update the linked playlist instead of creating a new one. Don’t forget to save your playlist ID by clicking SAVE under the field. 

How to find the playlist ID:

Most of the time, the playlist ID can be found in your playlist URL.

Here are examples in bold for each streaming service:

  • Spotify:
  • Deezer:
  • YouTube: 
  • Napster:
  • Qobuz:
  • SoundCloud: paste the playlist URL in the field here to get your ID
  • Apple Music: pick your playlist in the drop down menu. If the drop down menu does not appear, connect (or re-connect) Apple Music first in your channel settings.



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